RACE Awards 2016 The largest competition of partner programs
7 October 2016 | Moscow, NOVOTEL MOSCOW CITY
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October 7 in Moscow in the framework of exhibition of affiliate programs RACE, RACE Awards will be held– it’s awarding ceremony of the best affiliate programs in Runet. The award is annually awarded on the basis of open voting of users.

Within RACE, which is a recognized platform for meetings of affiliate programs owners, advertisers and webmasters, we have established annual award RACE Awards.

The award exists for the second year in row and is a guarantee of quality work of the company, and criterion of trust of its customers. The prize will be awarded in the following categories:

  • Best Forex dealer on the affiliate programs market.    
  • Best binary option on the affiliate programs market.             
  • Best web service affiliate program.       
  • Best media in affiliate programs.            
  • Best innovation in affiliate marketing. 
  • Best affiliate program aggregator.         
  • Best lead generation agency.     
  • Best affiliate manager.

For clear ranking in rating, winner in each category will be determined on the basis of users voting and open discussion on quality assessment criteria during the awarding ceremony in the framework of RACE Expo.



on holding the public (closed) contest RACE AWARDS 2016 among affiliate industry participants


The following definitions are used in the text of this Regulation:

1.1. ORGANIZER shall mean Smile Expo Limited Liability Company (hereinafter referred to as Smile Expo or Organizer), which is an organizer of the contest.

1.2. CONTEST shall mean RACE AWARDS 2016 contest organized by the Organizer in accordance with this Regulation.

1.3. CONTEST PARTICIPANT (or PARTICIPANT) shall mean a person, engaged in activities related to the affiliate marketing (affiliate industry), affiliate programs on the Forex market, tourism, e-commerce, online games, gambling, online services, financial market and insurance, as well as an aggregator of affiliate programs, who has committed formal action, which is recognized as sufficient to confirm its participation in this Contest under this Regulation.

1.4. WINNER shall mean a Participant of the Contest, who is recognized as the best on the basis of applicable to the Contest criteria in one or more Contest nominations.


2.1. Objectives of the present Contest shall be as follows:

2.1.1. to discover and award those persons, who are acknowledged by affiliate industry representatives as well as end users of the nominated services and affiliate programs as the best in the nominations of this Contest;

2.1.2. to provide accurate and complete information on participants of affiliate market to the audience, including end users of services and programs.

2.1.3. to stimulate the increase of service quality and affiliate programs quality for the benefit of all market participants and especially for the benefit of end users of services and programs.

2.1.4. to provide information on new interesting projects to specialized audience.


3.1. Opening of registration of Participants: 12:00 Moscow time, August 25, 2016.
3.2. Opening of voting: 12:00 Moscow time, September 20, 2016.
3.3. Closing of voting: 18:00 Moscow time, October 6, 2016.
3.4. Awarding of Winners: 21:00 Moscow time, October 7, 2016.


4.1. Information on the present Contest conditions, nominations, Participants, voting conditions, Winners and other information related to the Contest is placed by Organizer on the website www.raceawards.ru.

4.2. The Organizer, at its own discretion, can publish information about contest Participants and Winners on Organizer’s other websites, in mass media, as well as in other resources containing information about affiliate marketing industry.

4.3. Information about the Contest Winners is disclosed publicly at the awarding ceremony.


5.1. Participation in the Contest is allowed to persons, operating in the fields of affiliate marketing (affiliate industry), affiliates and specialists of affiliate marketing, affiliate programs on the Forex market, tourism, e-commerce, online games, gambling, online services, financial market and insurance, as well as agencies and aggregators of affiliate programs.

5.2. To become a Contest Participant person should take the sequence of actions as follows:

5.2.1. to complete an application of the Participant, the registration form, on the website www.raceawards.ru, providing accurate information on a potential Contest Participant;

5.2.2. to choose Contest nominations for a potential Contest Participant.

Each person, declaring its intention to participate in the Contest, has right to gain one, several or all nominations of the Contest;

5.2.3. Within the period of 24 hours after the registration form is completed by participant, the Organizer shall confirm participation by the publication of participant’s data in the “Nominees” section of the website.

5.3. The Organizer reserves the right to deny participation to any person declaring its intention to participate in the Contest under the conditions stipulated by the present Regulation.

However, the Organizer can use the right to deny the acceptance of application for participation in case of the following circumstances:

- unreliability of information on the potential participant specified in the registration form;

- non-compliance of activity or information on the potential participant with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation;

- non-compliance of activity of the potential participant with the activities specified for the chosen nomination;

- expiration of the period stipulated by p. 3.1. of this Regulation.

5.4. Contest Participant shall have right to refuse from participation in the Contest without assigning any reason therefore by informing the Contest Organizer (representative of the Contest Organizer) in writing (via e-mail) no less than 48 hours before the information on such a Participant shall be removed from Organizer’s website.

5.4.1. Having refused from the further Contest participation, the nominee shall not have the right to demand from Contest Organizer to remove the information regarding the Participant from any (except for Organizer’s online websites) sources, if such sources are printed on physical media and contain information about the Participant, who refused from participation (banners, catalogues, any printed products etc.).




Best Forex dealer of the affiliate program market Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best binary option of the affiliate program market Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best affiliate program of online services Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best media of affiliate programs Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best innovation in affiliate marketing Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best aggregator of affiliate programs Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best lead generation agency Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website
Best affiliate manager Number of votes of visitors of the Contest Organizer's website




7.1. The Contest Winners are determined in each nomination based on the criteria specified in p. 6 of this Regulation.

7.2. Visitors to the website of the Organizer, registered on www.raceawards.ru, may vote for one nominee in each nomination category.

7.3. Decision on acknowledging the Participant as the Winner is taken by the Contest Organizer (on the basis of voting results on the Organizer’s website).

7.4. Only one Participant is acknowledged as the Winner in each nomination.

7.5. Availability of only one nominated Participant in a certain category of a certain nomination shall not prevent from acknowledging such Participant as the Winner in the corresponding nomination.

7.6. The Contest Winners will be announced publicly and officially awarded by the Contest Organizer’s representative at RACE AWARDS 2016 ceremony.

7.7. Awards ceremony will take place on October 7, 2016 at 21:00. Information about the Awarding Ceremony venue will be published by the Organizer on the website: http://www.raceawards.ru/.

7.8. Each Contest Winner is granted a diploma (certificate) and a branded award (figurine).


8.1. The Contest is organized in accordance with the Russian Federation legislation.

8.2. The Organizer reserves the right to make changes to the present Regulation.

8.3. Filing of application by the Participant in the procedure specified in the p. 5 of the Regulation implies the Participant’s unreserved consent with all Contest conditions.

8.4. In all respects not covered by the present Regulation the Organizer and the Participants shall be governed by the acting legislation of the Russian Federation.

8.5. All disputes and differences arising from the participation in the Contest shall be settled by means of negotiations. Controversial issues not resolved by means of negotiations shall be settled in court at the Contest Organizer’s location.

8.6.  The Regulation is drawn up in Russian and English languages. When interpreting this Regulation, the Russian language version shall prevail.


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